Shirley’s Sanctuary

Shirley’s Sanctuary is the charity arm of News4uonline. In honor of Shirley Marie Freeman, the publisher’s mother, Shirley’s Sanctuary has been established to help promote literacy and education for women. Mrs. Freeman saw education as a door opener and was a staunch supporter of academics. News4usonline is creating (2) annual $500 scholarships through Shirley’s Sanctuary in Mrs. Freeman’s honor.

The yearly scholarships are geared toward high school seniors seeking to pursue a college degree in the following categories: Humanities, Journalism, Education, Business, Law, and/or Medicine. Applicants must have a minimum G.P.A. of 2.5 and demonstrate community involvement.

Helping others became second nature to Mrs. Freeman. Giving back is what she believed in. She preached it. She lived it. As a mother of 11 children and a lifelong servant of the idea of philanthropy, Mrs. Freeman was the picture of helping people. Her longtime employment as a dietician supervisor at a nursing home was a perfect opportunity for her to reach back into the community.

Individuals interested in applying to be considered for one of the two scholarships, please contact Dennis J Freeman at or Astrud Reed at

Shirley’s Sanctuary is reflective of the education advocacy that Shirley Marie Freeman preached. Mrs. Freeman championed women’s rights, civil rights and gender equity. She was God’s Prayer Princess.