Monday's Meditation

Warriors talked too much too soon

The Golden State Warriors drunk too much of their own Kool-Aid. The Warriors became too intoxicated with their own hype and self-shimmy ways. Sometimes too much talking can come back and bite you right smack in […]


Cavs coming up small in NBA Finals

Too slow. Not athletic enough. Players with limited abilities. Just ugly. I know. The Cleveland Cavaliers suck. LeBron James and his boys don’t look like they have any business on the court against the Golden […]


Don’t expect a Warriors repeat

The Golden State Warriors rode the perfect storm into winning the 2014-15 season NBA  Finals. Just don’t look for them to repeat. As a matter, the Warriors won’t make it out the Western Conference next […]


The Steph Curry affect

Ice water in the veins. A wicked crossover dribble. The lethal jump shot. The Steph Curry affect. Catch it while you can. That’s what the Golden State Warriors have done, riding the league’s MVP all […]


Warriors-Clippers: Collision Course

LOS ANGELES-Splash versus blue-collar. Grit or highlight reel. The youthful energy of the Golden State Warriors or the experience of the Los Angeles Clippers. Take your pick. Tuesday night’s finale at Staples  Center which landed […]

Monday's Meditation

The Price of Race

A white man may not be able to jump, but he sure as heck knows how to get paid. Steve Kerr, the new Golden States Warriors head basketball coach, can vouch for that. Mark Jackson, […]


DeAndre Jordan: The Game-Changer

The winner of the Los Angeles Clippers-Oklahoma City Thunder Western Conference best-of-seven squabble will go on to compete in the NBA Finals. Of course, that is just my opinion. OKC likely has the league’s regular […]


Homecourt Advantage

Playing in front of family, friends and a home crowd benefits teams with home court advantage, home court advantage has proven to be just that thus far by six out of eight teams who have  […]