Hollywood Bowl wooed by jazz, funk and soul

(News4usonline) – The best of the best keeps coming. And giving. When it comes to the smooth jazz sound, that genre of music was well-represented at the Hollywood Bowl recently when saxophonist Dave Koz and some of his music buddies got together to put on a spectacular night of smooth sounds.

Now, notwithstanding the dialed-up funk of Morris Day and The Time, the one-evening show paid tribute to its billing.

The concert, which took place on Aug. 27, was billed as Smooth Summer Jazz: Dave Koz and Friends. The headline was more than appropriate considering summer was winding down and Koz brought out some of the more well-known names in smooth jazz and those who can woo a crowd.

Morris Day and The Time perform at the Hollywood Bowl on Aug. 27, 2023. Photo by Laila Alamiri/News4usonline

Before Koz and Candi Dulfer, Eric Darius, along with Maysa closed the curtains, Day and his band were allotted an hour to perform. Known for their hits “Jungle Love,” “The Walk,” “777-9311,” “Cool,” and “Gigolos Get Lonely Too,” Morris Day and The Time can still bring a dash of ultra-cool and funk to their generational style of music.

The Minneapolis, Minnesota band, formed by Prince, has come a long way since they were founded and came on the music scene back in 1981 when the group’s album “The Time” was released under the Warner Bros. label.

Officially, Morris Day and The Time released just five albums, yet the band remains one of the last pillars of the soul and funk genre. That Minneapolis sound The Time brought to the stage is still hip and cool to listen to.

Saxophonists (left to right) Eric Darius, Dave Koz and Candi Dulfer perform at the Hollywood Bowl on Aug. 27, 2023. Laila Alamiri/News4usonline

While strutting and bringing all of his coolness to the Time’s performance, Day made sure he and the audience paid a heartfelt homage to the Purple One. The presence and the spirit of Prince, who passed away in 2016, still resonates strongly with Day and The Time.  

An emotional Day wasn’t shy in talking and sharing his feelings about the seven-time GRAMMY-Award winner. The tribute paid by Day and The Time to Prince had an emotional impact on the crowd as well.

The brooding presence of Prince was in the building. You felt it. The audience embraced it.    

Day and Prince were childhood friends. In paying homage to his friend and musical mentor, Day introduced his time with Prince to a mesmerized crowd through a visual journey, which included a recording of “Purple Rain.” Day said that Prince would forever be part of his heart and soul.

“We all miss Prince every day,” a teary-eyed Day said.

Saxophonist Everette Harp (left) and Paul Jackson Jr., part of the group, Jazz Funk Soul, perform at the Hollywood Bowl on Aug. 27, 2023. Photo by Laila Alamiri/News4usonline

Getting to the rest of the show, the trio of Everette Harp, Jeff Lorber and Paul Jackson Jr. better known as the group Jazz Funk Soul, did their thing on stage. Mr. headliner himself, Koz, and his crew didn’t disappoint.

Koz’s energy was contagious. The entire time Koz was on stage, everybody was up and dancing.

Mixing things up with Dulfer and Darius, Koz and his friends worked their magic on stage. This group of saxophonists seemed to have some kind of karma bonding on stage with one another. They played so well that their symmetry suggests that they were meant to play together.

Smooth jazz with a dash of funk. It was a wonderful evening to be at the Hollywood Bowl.   

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