Grizzlies bang-bang Clippers

November 17 Dennis J. Freeman 0

LOS ANGELES-Same old pesky Memphis Grizzlies. They don’t change. They scratch. They claw. They get under your skin with their physical play. They intimidate you with their dependable frontline soldiers in the the form of […]


Clippers Dial up the Pressure

January 24 Dennis J. Freeman 0

LOS ANGELES-The later the NBA season gets the more coach Doc Rivers’ teams ramp up the defensive efforts and pump up the intensity. That’s just Rivers’ trademark as a coach. It’s not about how you […]


Clippers Ready for Playoff Run

April 13 Dennis J. Freeman 0

LOS ANGELES-The Los Angeles Clippers looked to be treading water through the first two quarters against the Sacramento Kings on Saturday. In fact the Clippers looked as though they were going through the motions in […]

Monday's Meditation

Monday Quarterback: Clipper Nation

LOS ANGELES-Futility and apathy used to describe the Los Angeles Clippers. Not anymore. These days the potential for greatness is now synonymous with the NBA franchise that once provided late night fodder for up and […]