‘The Beat Goes On’ with Cher tribute

CERRITOS (News4usonline) – The Beat Goes On, starring Lisa McClowry as the ‘Goddess of Pop’ Cher is a wonderful performance to check out. The Broadway production honors the life, the music, and the fashion from various decades of Cher’s life.

The show’s band captivated the audience with videos showcasing various chapters of Cher’s life, with engaging dialogue and humor. McClowry had the crowd laughing and singing along.

Before she started to sing the next song, McClowry gave a bit of history of I Got You Babe and picked a random guy from the audience to sing along with. McClowry brought Richard up to the stage from the audience to try to do his best Sonny Bono impression.

The newly formed duet of McClory and Richard entertained the audience as they sang I Got You, Babe.

The next song on the agenda was Gypsy Tramps and Thieves from the early 70’s. McClowry would get off the stage and walk around the first rows of the audience, while the crowd sang along and shook their heads to the rhythm of the song. The crowd clapped their hands.

A brief video highlighted some events from Cher’s life from her divorce in 1974 with Bono to Cher getting married to Greg Allman in 1975 and their divorce in 1978.

Cher’s other hits After All and I Found Someone also made their appearance in the performance. McClowry then made a transition from disco to rock singing, Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down).

The band was introduced, Klem Hayes playing bass, Ed Breckenfeld playing drums, Mike Aquino playing guitar and Sarah McSweeney on keyboard. McClowry told the crowd that they’ve been performing together for 20 years.

McClowry engaged with the audience throughout the night. She made the crowd warm their vocals by saying “me me me, you you you” and laughed with the crowd.

After intermission, the audience stood up from their seats and welcomed back McClowry and the band for the next segment.

McClowry began covering songs from Cher’s Dancing Queen, her 26th studio album. The album contains covers from the Swedish pop group ABBA. She sang Waterloo, as the audience clapped along to the rhythm of the song. Some people even got up from their seats and began dancing along.

For the following song Fernando, McClowry asked the audience to turn on their cellphone flashlight. A member of the audience yelled out, “I don’t have the app” and everyone laughed. McClowry then said, “Show me your screen.”

After the song was over, some of Cher’s iconic fashion over the years made its way to the screen. McClowry showcased some of Cher’s outfits like the one she wore in the Burlesque movie.

The crowd began clapping and yelling after she sang two of the songs from the Burlesque movie and soundtrack Welcome to Burlesque and You Haven’t Seen the Best of Me.

In the following segment, McClowry called it the “female empowerment segment.”

Before she began singing the song she went into the crowd and picked four members from the audience who she referred to as “four chicks,” Audience members Linda, Isela, Gina, and Q were invited to the stage to dance along.

At this time of the performance, McClowry said her teaming up with the four women was a “bonding moment.” She asked for all of the women in the audience to stand up.

She showed some dancing moves and encouraged the crowd to dance along with these moves and she began to sing “The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s in His Kiss)” and the crowd all dance along.

Before the show was over, McClowry continued to sing some of Cher’s hottest songs, including Women’s World and If I Could Turn Back Time where she ended.

The audience clapped and cheered as McClowry and the band went backstage. As the crowd continued their cheering before the announcer asked, “Do you want another song?” The crowd yelled, “Yes.”

McClowry comes out and begins to sing Believe. The crowd gets up and starts dancing and singing along with her. As the show finally came to an end, the band was introduced as they waved the crowd goodbye. After the show, the audience had an opportunity to take photos with McClowry.

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