What’s expected in the new year?

In the year 2024, I would assume it will be different than 2023. Each year brings about new things, positive change, great things and an arrangement of possibilities to come. For me, the year 2023 was a step in the right direction.

The year brought about a level of prosperity that I had not achieved before. I was very excited and proud of myself. I was finding myself in places of adversity that made the positive change difficult, but despite that, I was able to become better, still able to strive and meet the goals that I sought out.

When the beginning of the year comes many people think about making changes and think about how they can better themselves, creating lists, goals, and plans that can project into growth over an estimated period of time.

Day 1 of the U.S. Track and Field Olympic Trials. Photo: Paul Merca/Track Town USA

Winter changes over into spring and the rain and the snow go away which brings in florescent colors, flowers that bloom, fruit that become ripe and able to be picked, the sun shines a bit brighter and the weather a little warmer.

With such great weather fun usually follows with outside excitement, adventures, a tour of sorts, and the achievements from the beginning of that list.

This year there will be the national election for the presidency and a year of strong politics with President Joe Biden running again as the head of the Democratic Party. Of course, there are more than a few choice candidates for the Republican Party.

The election is expected to be closely watched and anticipated with the looming controversy of war and famine overseas in the background. There are many wars and many conflicts abroad, problems to be solved and solutions that may not come about.

The people involved in all of this and the money to be exchanged being brokered have tremendous effects on these things.  The world of demographic political ideology holds conflicts and conversations from small chit-chat into monumental talk.

These changes encourage the right type of movement and oftentimes the wrong type of movement. Not only is there the realm of politics to be aware of, but the Olympics are here in 2024. The Summer Olympics are being held in France this year.

Martha ” Mattie” Rogers will compete in the 87kg (192 pounds) weightlifting category for Team USA at the Tokyo Olympics. Photo credit: Team USA Weightlifting

It’s been several years since the last Olympics which brought grandstanding glory to its participants. The stage was ever bright. The performers did not disappoint. The Summer Games were tough to navigate through because the world was still knee-deep in the COVID-19 tragedy.

Tokyo was not molded to the shape of fine athletics as many had hoped it would have become. However, the Tokyo Olympics was still appreciated. The Olympics staff brought together a team effort that did not disappoint in regard to athletic entertainment.

When planning for yearly achievements, hope inspires motivation, which in turn inspires productivity and a strong will that is driven from within to carry out the expected task, the motivated agenda and the desired position of success.

Last year is followed up with a year that either is not living up to the completion of its own success or transcends into something more. The more one would hope is too high of a trajectory but an incline should bring changes that shift oneself as well as others around you.

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