LAFC introduce cuisine for 2024 season

LOS ANGELES – Everyone likes a good dish or two. When it comes to stadium foods, the choices of great and good can be slim pickings. 

The Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) is trying to change that perception. With LAFC on the eve of the 2024 MLS season, the franchise’s culinary team went about the business of showcasing its vast array of food offerings to fans. 

Photo credit: Dennis J. Freeman/News4usonline

The culinary experience at BMO Stadium, home of the LAFC, is going to be great. Executive Chef Hugo Miranda and his team have come up with so many dishes to offer that it’s going to be hard to track down. 

Judging by the culinary media event the team held on Feb. 21, fans are in for a wonderful treat this season. 

LAFC’s Culinary Media Day and Food Tasting event at BMO Stadium turned out to be a smorgasbord of food samples that left many of the local press stuffed with the likes of Thai Fried Chicken Sandwich, Carne Asada Nachos Tacos, a chicken-based Korean Seoul Bowl, corn ribs, Longaniza Pork Sausage Nachos, and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Grillo’s Pickle Chips at King’s Hawaiian Grill. 

That’s not all, folks. Fans can expect to pick up a hefty helping of Carne Asada Nachos and a tangy-hot Buffalo Fried Chicken Sandwich. If fans are looking for something sweet to devour, the Bananas Foster Cheesecake Cups is an excellent choice. 

After serving up dishes for the Los Angeles Angels for the past couple of seasons, Chef Miranda is excited to bring his food expertise to LAFC and BMO Stadium. 

“I think that everything that we did…I think I pushed my team to the limit,” Miranda said. “I think that we’re very passionate about what we’re doing of what we’re showcasing on the plate. I don’t have a favorite. I think that every dish that we did is unique and different, but I’m passionate about everything that I’ve done.” 

Photo credit: Dennis J. Freeman/News4usonline

As far as how he and his team were able to come up with the variety of dishes that they have to offer, Miranda said the team looked at an array of options.     

“We usually do a concept,” remarked Miranda. “We look at local Mom and Pop spots where they can be graded. Local restaurants…we follow the trends to see what other celebrity chefs are doing, kind of making it your own, bringing it to the stadium. But a lot of people don’t see that.” 

“You have to go through logistics. We feed over 20,000 people throughout the stadium, so the menu can’t be too complicated as much as it needs. Like In-N-Out [Burgers] has. They have three or four toppings, but they’ve mastered it. You only get three options,” he added.      

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