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BEVERLY HILLS (News4usonline) – Awards season brings out the forces of Hollywood like no other. That means plenty of red carpets, parties, and a whole lot of schmoozing.

You get a lot of the schmoozing part if you’re one of the lucky ones to get an invite to one of the many gifting lounges around town that comes with the territory of an awards ceremony.

One of the best times of the year for that to take place is around the Academy Awards. Yes, the Oscars have come and gone, but the sweet aftermath of the gifting lounges remains as celebrity talent are able to maintain some of the goodies being bestowed on them as they parade through competing factions that bring the gift experience to life.

Luxury Experience & Co-Founder, Melissa McAvoy with Chairman & CEO Sony Pictures Entertainment Tony Vinciquerra with daughter. Courtesy photo

Perhaps no one is better at executing the energy of a gift lounge better than Melissa McAvoy, the founder and owner of Luxury Experience & Co. Luxury Experience & Co, along with Indie Entertainment partnered up to put their best foot forward in generating a lively luxury Oscars gift lounge experience to guests who walked through the doors of Valerie Beverly Hills on March 11. 

“We couldn’t have asked for a better media partner to host such a successful event with,” McAvoy said of Indie Entertainment Media. 

Anchored with a 10,000 mega-watt smile and armed with the stunning beauty of a runway model, McAvoy can light up a room anywhere she goes. Her incredible warmth and talent to make everyone feel welcomed and appreciated is what separates McAvoy and the Luxury Experience & Co from the pack.

When you attend an event hosted by McAvoy and the Luxury Experience & Co, you’re going to feel special. It doesn’t matter if you’re a door greeter or a well-known celebrity, McAvoy and the Luxury Experience & Co has your back.

“I have to tell you, this year has been amazing,” McAvoy told News4usonline. “The best thing that you can ever do is everyone show up, and this is the first time since pre-Covid-19, where everyone showed up and then some to come out and support me and my company. But also, to support the brands.”

Supporting brands is what the gifting experience is about, McAvoy said.

“For me, as a brand, the Luxury Experience & Co, for all these people to show up in the rain in California…we all know no one shows up in the rain in California…it just means a lot. They believe in what I do, believe in the brands that I bring to the table, and the relationships that they’re going to build.”

Actress Amber Riley. Courtesy photo

Certainly, individuals that attended the luxury gifting experience believe in that philosophy as well. Venus Moore (Body By Venus) is a fitness trainer in Los Angeles. Moore has known McAvoy for years and is good friends with the branding owner. She stopped by Valerie Beverly Hills to support her friend as pass along some tips on how to stay fit.

“Just get started,” Moore said. Just take the first step. Stop looking at the journey, and start with day one. You’ve got to get rid of all the back movers in order for you to be able to see the results when you start eating healthy and clean.”

“If you’re still mixing the things together-having good and bad-then it’s going to be really hard to see that you’re making progress,” Moore added. “So, you have to first decide if this is something that you’re serious about. Once you make that decision, stick with it and stay consistent. That’s where the results come.”   

As a fitness trainer, Moore fit nicely into the narrative of the wellness part of the gifting lounge, which also incorporated home, travel, health, and beauty. With quality and luxury in mind, LE & Co gifted celebrities an unparalleled level of style and sophistication in those categories.

For veteran actress Juliana Perel (Lee’d the Way, Killer Advice, The Missing Twin), spreading the word of God whenever there is an opportunity, is what matters to her.

“I walk on God’s path,” Perel said. “I walk on God’s path and God loves all of his children. He loves every single one of us. That’s why He made us all different. So how about us humans get together and get along instead of finding fault with one another.”

Actress Misa D’Angelo at Valerie Beverly Hills. Courtesy photo

Aside from Perel, some of the other attendees making their way to Valerie Beverly Hills included Tony Vinciquerra (CEO & chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment), Cindy Cowan (Oscar & Emmy Award-winning producer), Cas Anvar (actor, “The Expanse”), Larry Namer (founder, E! Network), Rich Ting (Actor, Netflix “Warrior”), Emelia Hartford (actor, “Upon Walking), Emelia Hartford ( actor, he CW’s All-American: Homecoming), Amber Friendly (actor, Apple TV’s “The Morning Show”), Alyssa de Boisblanc (actor, ABC’s Modern Family), Jermelle Simon ( actor, “The Upshaws”), Adam Croasdell ( actor, “Monarch”), Misa D’Angelo (actor, Netflix “Hache”), and many others.

The LE & Co experience combined the ultimate customized celebrity experience that featured gifts from Estate X, Dax Haircare, MadeMan, Cut Above Gin, Aminia, Nu Estestics Spa, Lucas & Bols, Pallini Limoncello, Tequila Partida, Biomerica, Styles by Ameyha, Be You Beauty, Valerie Beverly Hills, CLE Cosmetics, Cinema Secrets Pro Cosmetic, HIGH Beauty, EO Essential Oils, Passion Roses, WHIMZY TEES, Susie’s Cakes and money more. 

“I’d like to say it’s like you’re getting ready for the Oscars…you’re having your cocktails, but you’re getting pampered,” McAvoy said.

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