Society of Plastic Surgeons taps black prez

DUBLIN, Calif. — Board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Steven Williams was just named the new president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) – making him the first African American president in the organization’s 92-year history.

The accomplished surgeon, lecturer, and founder of Tri Valley Plastic Surgery in Dublin, Calif., will be serving as the president of the largest plastic surgery specialty organization in the world.

“Presidency of ASPS is a pinnacle career achievement,” says Dr. Williams. “When you look at who has occupied that role you see the legends of plastic surgery, the people who have brought the biggest innovation, the biggest change, the biggest growth, the people that are most passionate about plastic surgery. For me personally, it’s an achievement to be the first African American person to be president at ASPS. It’s an incredible sense of honor, duty, and pride. I’m really standing on the shoulders of people who came before me.”

As an active board member for more than 15 years, Dr. Williams was the Vice President of Membership within the organization. As such, he has overseen incredible changes and accomplishments; most notably, integrating technology advances, growing patient safety initiatives, expanding international membership, creating COVID patient safety resources for the plastic surgery community, and heading the diversity and inclusion committee.

During his presidency, Dr. Williams plans to implement technology initiatives to further enhance the resources available to members, making ASPS more responsive and agile, in addition to focusing on broadening the reach of ASPS with their sister organizations. With diversity and inclusion being very near and dear to Dr. Williams, he also plans to continue making sure all voices are heard and ensure ASPS is being responsive to populations becoming more diverse as well.

About Dr. Steven Williams:

Dr. Williams is a board-certified plastic & reconstructive surgeon, founder of Tri Valley Plastic Surgery in Dublin, Calif, and a pioneer for the greater agendas of the plastic surgery realm. Ivy League educated – Dartmouth College for undergrad and Yale University for medical school and residency – Dr. Williams has become one of the most sought-after plastic surgeons. His technology background makes him a key opinion leader with a uniquely relevant perspective for modern day plastic surgery.

He not only occupies leadership roles at the local, state and national level, but he is also frequently sought for his expertise, having been seen on “Good Morning America,” “ABC News,” AllureInStyleHarper’s BazaarEssence, NewBeauty, WWD, RealSelf, NBC News, Byrdie, PopSugar and Insider among many others.

With an ethical approach, Dr. Williams takes great interest in social issues related to plastic surgery, access to care for those needing cosmetic reconstructive surgery, and giving a voice to African American patients – leading him to form a committee for diversity within ASPS.

Photo caption: Dr. Steven Williams – Photo courtesy of Tri Valley Plastic Surgery

The article appears courtesy of Valley Plastic Surgery