Howard volleyball to visit Botswana & Zimbabwe

The Howard University Volleyball Program is proud to announce its upcoming foreign tour to Botswana and Zimbabwe where the team will engage in a series of enriching experiences both on and off the court.

From May 16- 27, the team will be competing in an international tournament and engaging in community service activities. The tour aims to provide the student-athletes with a holistic educational experience that extends beyond the confines of traditional athletics.

The tour will see the squad participating in an international tournament where they will showcase their skills and compete against teams from throughout the African continent. This competitive exposure will not only enhance their athletic abilities but also foster teamwork, sportsmanship and resilience.

In addition to the tournament, the team will have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the local communities of Botswana and Zimbabwe. The players will visit schools and conduct volleyball camps for students while engaging in various community service initiatives, aiming to inspire and empower young individuals through sport.

“Our focus extends beyond the volleyball court,” said Howard volleyball head coach Shaun Kupferberg. “This tour is about using the platform of athletics to make a positive difference in the lives of others. We want our student-athletes to understand the importance of giving back and serving as leaders in their communities.”

Moreover, the tour will provide the student-athletes with a unique cultural immersion experience, allowing them to broaden their perspectives while expanding their understanding of the world. Exploring the rich heritage and diverse landscapes of Botswana and Zimbabwe, the team will visit iconic landmarks, such as Victoria Falls, and embark on thrilling safaris, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

“This tour is an invaluable opportunity for our student-athletes to expand their horizons,” said Kery Davis, Director of Athletics at Howard University. “By experiencing new cultures and engaging with communities abroad, they will develop into well-rounded individuals who are equipped to become leaders in their respective career fields upon graduation.”

The Howard University volleyball program is committed to providing its student-athletes with opportunities for personal and academic growth and the foreign tour to Botswana and Zimbabwe exemplifies this commitment. Through sports, service and cultural immersion, the team members will emerge from this experience as empowered individuals ready to make a positive impact in the world.

The program is looking to raise $100,000, covering the cost of travel expenses, accommodation, meals, tournament fees, and community outreach initiatives. By contributing to our fundraising efforts, you can directly impact the lives of our student-athletes, enabling them to embark on this once-in-a-lifetime journey.

To donate to the Howard University Volleyball Program’s foreign tour fundraising

campaign, please visit Every donation, no matter the size, will be deeply appreciated and directly support the student-athletes on their journey to Botswana and Zimbabwe.

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